SkateDrive USB Flash Drive : Past Models
SkateDrive USB Flash Drive : Past Models

Action Sport Drives has teamed up with iconic skate brands and combined their official graphics with our original and innovative skateboard USB flash drive. The SkateDrive® has fully functional wheels and a rubberized texture. Simply pull both ends of the SkateDrive apart, to expose the USB connector.

Birdhouse: Hawk Mayan SkateDrive
Hawk Mayan
Birdhouse : Hawk Skull SkateDrive
Hawk Skull
Birdhouse : McSqueeb SkateDrive
Birdhouse : Never Was SkateDrive
Never Was
Creature : Logo GreenSM SkateDrive
Logo GreenSM
Creature : Navs Fireball SkateDrive
Navs Fireball
Quiksilver : Blunt Force SkateDrive
Blunt Force
Red Bull : Red Cammo SkateDrive
Red Cammo
Red Bull : Red Plaid SkateDrive
Red Plaid
Santa Cruz : JJ Guadalupe SkateDrive
JJ Guadalupe
Santa Cruz : RobDot Fade SkateDrive
RobDot Fade
Santa Cruz : Screaming Hand SkateDrive
Screaming Hand
Santa Cruz : Bart Slasher SkateDrive
Bart Slasher
Santa Cruz : Homer Face SkateDrive
Homer Face
Alien Workshop : OG Amazing SkateDrive
OG Amazing
Alien Workshop : OG Voltage SkateDrive
OG Voltage
Birdhouse: Ptero SkateDrive
Birdhouse: Full Skull SkateDrive
Full Skull
Birdhouse: Crossbones SkateDrive
Birdhouse: Bonepile SkateDrive
Creature: Skatehorde SkateDrive
Creature: Toxic SkateDrive
Quiksilver : Pusher SkateDrive
Quiksilver : SmashUp SkateDrive
Santa Cruz: Rob Eyes SkateDrive
Rob Eyes
Santa Cruz: Deadpool SkateDrive
Alien Workshop: OG Logo SkateDrive
OG Logo
Alien Workshop: Solidiers SkateDrive
Alien Workshop: Starburst SkateDrive
Santa Cruz : Rob Roskopp SkateDrive
Rob Roskopp
Santa Cruz : Screaming Hand Grey SkateDrive
Screaming Hand
Santa Cruz : Slasher SkateDrive